Global economy set for significant acceleration says Guy Wagner at BLI

High level of public stimulus in the US * Economic indicators in Europe surprisingly robust * Central banks maintain their highly expansionary monetary policy * Equity markets rise sharply


Content release, the latest piece of the RBC series - The future of EM: Manufacturing

The latest piece from the RBC Emerging markets team, written by Guido Giammattei is now available,The future of emerging markets: Manufacturing and the potential social implications.


Edentree RI Expert Briefing -

Edentree RI Expert Briefing -


TCM - At last, positive outlook for Frontier Markets 2021

TCM Investment Funds recent report states that in the face of persistently low interest rates and high valuations in developed markets, more and more investors are likely to find their way to emerging...


EdenTree IM hires Jupiter’s Charlie Thomas as CIO to lead investment function

EdenTree Investment Management, the responsible and sustainable investment manager with a strong heritage of delivering profits with principles, has appointed Charlie Thomas as its new CIO, joining in...


BL Equities Europe and BL Equities America funds receive SRI label

Two more equity funds managed by BLI - Banque de Luxembourg Investments, BL Equities Europe and BL Equities America, were awarded the French Label ISR. Three of BLI’s funds now hold a sustainable and ...


BLI - Banque de Luxembourg, Investments has released 2020 SRI activity report

BLI has released their first annual SRI activity report, another step on their journey in the field of Responsible investing.


Edentree releases new Insights theme; The Rise of Social and Sustainable Bonds

Responsible and sustainable investments are experiencing ever-increasing demand. While equities have perhaps been the dominant focus for responsible investment, fixed income has quietly been addressin...


Time for the 5th annual Global Investment Outlook by RBC on 12 January

Welcome to join Chief Economist Eric Lascelles and senior members from the Investment Teams online on 12 January.


Season's greetings from us at Intervalor

Thank you for the trust you have put in the Intervalor team, which has allowed us to also this year successfully market a variety of quality funds from international asset managers to investors across...


Intervalor becomes member of FINSIF

Intervalor has joined the Finnish organisation FINSIF


Edentree Insight: How will changes in tech safeguard our ‘Healthy Futures’?

In our Healthy Futures series, we are exploring the global healthcare industry, the challenges it faces and the role that we can play as responsible and sustainable investors in helping respond to the...


Follow us on LinkedIn too for all the latest news about us and our asset managers

We now publish news and reports on LinkedIn so make sure to follow us there in order to have all the latest updates from the asset managers we represent and from ourselves at Intervalor. www.linkedi...


TCM research show positive relationship between paid out as dividend and future profit growth

TCM - Trustus Capital Management is the first in this research field to initiate a study into the relationship between dividend payments and future profit growth within Emerging & Frontier markets. Re...


RBC Webinar on 6 November on U.S. post-election perspectives: A global macroeconomic view

What impact will the U.S. election results have on the global economy and markets? Join RBC for an interactive webinar to hear their views and outlook.


Out now, Q4 edition of Perspectives from BLI- Banque de Luxembourg Investments

BLI - Banque de Luxembourg Investments has published the latest edition of ‘Perspectives’, its latest financial markets analysis.


TCM - A fast changing landscape in Frontier Markets - Watch the videoon Youtube

On 27th October, TCM held a presentation on the fast changing landscape in Frontier Markets


Edentree RI Expert Briefing - Fossil Fuel Divestment

The fossil fuels divestment campaign has captured global attention, with many high profile cases of institutional investors in the spotlight over their role in financing the climate crisis. EdenTree I...


The need for Social Infrastructure - Latest addition to RBC's series "The future of Emerging Markets"

The next written piece from the EM team as part of the future of emerging markets series is now available. This piece has been written by Dijana Jelic and discusses the growing demand in emerging mark...


TCM Research - The new capital of Egypt

The metropolis of Cairo with 20 million inhabitants is one of the world's fastest growing areas with an annual growth of about half a million people. But the development of the infrastructure of the ...


Fast Fashion - Edentree's position on this industry as a responsible investor

Edentree's latest RI Expert Briefing Fast Fashion explores the fast fashion industry in more detail; what fuels it, its social and environmental cost, and their position on it as a responsible and su...


RBC rated A+ across all modules in UNPRI Assessment Report

RBC has been awarded with A+ across the board in the latest PRI Assessment Report.


Out now, Q3 edition of Perspectives from BLI- Banque de Luxembourg Investments

BLI - Banque de Luxembourg Investments has published the latest edition of ‘Perspectives’, its latest financial markets analysis. Read more


Edentree Insights: Looking ahead to the US election 2020

While it is difficult to determine the probable outcomes at this stage, Edentree attempts to outline the potential scenarios


BL Sustainable Horizon fund is awarded two SRI certifications

The BL Sustainable Horizon fund from BLI - Banque de Luxembourg Investments has been awarded two independent labels certifying the robustness of its ESG approach.


RBC research - The Future of Emerging markets. Is there a technology bubble?

The Global Emerging markets team has just released a reseach piece on a possible technology bubble for the asset class;


RBC EM Team - How the Pandemic might inpact domestic consumption

New thought piece from the Emerging Markets Team at RBC Global Asset Management on #domesticconsumption and #emergingmarketsinvestments


Edentree - Blog series on Disruptive Innovation released

The last in Edentree's series on disruptive innovation with fund manager Thomas Fitzgerald has been published, looking at where they see the opportunity in companies enabling this technology transitio...


Intervalor stands strong in the turbulence and expands the team in Stockholm

Intervalor has hired another Client Executive in Stockholm from 1 June to meet the growing demand in the local market.


RBC share their perspective on stranded assets

Jeremy Richardson from the RBC Global Equity Team and Beecher Rusin recently published an article exploring and analyzing stranded assets. This is a vital issue for investors with a long term time ho...


BLI gather all Covid-19 updates on their blog site instead of sending them out

Investors are overwhelmed with emails on Covid-19


Edentree launches new blog series on Disruptive Innovation

Edentree launches new blog series on Disruptive Innovation with the co-manager of the Amity International Fund, Thomas Fitzgerald.


BLI - Market comment: After the equity markets’ historic nosedive, the rebound was equally spectacular

Guy Wagner (BLI - Banque de Luxembourg Investments) regularly provides market comments, read the latest one.


Intervalor welcomes new chairman

We are happy to welcome Fredrik Ydevall as new chairman of the Intervalor AB board.


RBC article on Supply chain risk management in the time of COVID-19

Thought piece on supply chain risk management during the lock down period


BLI blog post - How will small cap fare after the crisis

BLI fund manager Tom Michels: explores how small cap companies might fare after the crisis.


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