Welcome to Intervalor
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Welcome to Intervalor

Intervalor markets asset management services to professional investors in the Nordic and Baltic countries on behalf of a number of carefully selected asset managers.We are their exclusive partner in the Nordic and Baltic markets. 

We work as a team where the managers are responsible for the asset management expertise and we at Intervalor provide a high quality client service with local staff throughout the region.

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Important information for Swedish investors about RBC Global Asset Management's funds.

Due to different transitional post-Brexit rules in Sweden compared to the rest of the Nordic region,  RBC Global Asset Management's funds are currently not available to Swedish investors with whom we did not have contact about these funds before 31 December 2020.  We are happy to provide more detailed information if you contact us at + 46 8 6608040 or email us at Intervalor-(_sm3Remove)-_-(_a)-_intervalor-(d_)-_com

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