About us

Intervalor was founded in 1992 to meet the increasing demand for international investment among Nordic investors. Our mission is to provide the Nordic market access to leading asset managers, combined with the best local service. We count 10 operational people and work from Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen and Oslo.

Intervalor markets financial products on behalf of a few carefully selected asset managers. We are managers' exclusive representative in the Nordic and the Baltic countries. 

The information Intervalor provides shall not be considered as independent advice. Our task is to promote the selected managers' mutual funds and discretionary mandates in the Nordic and Baltic countries and to provide service to investors.

As part of our service, we organise local seminars and presentations as well as on-line web casts. We also arrange investor trips so that you will get the opportunity to meet the managers on-site. And we provide information about the managers we represent and their products.

We have selected the managers we represent based on a range of criteria, both quantitative and qualitative. The most important criterion is that managers are exclusively dedicated to asset management. This we believe is particularly important to avoid conflicts of interest or that asset management is overshadowed by other activities.

If you would like more information about Intervalor or the managers  we represent, please read more here on our web site or  contact us at +46 8 660 80 40.

You can also download a short presentation in PDF format here.

Important information:
Investments are made directly in the managers’ products and there is no formal business relationship between the investor and Intervalor. Intervalor is not regulated  by Finansinspektionen (the local FSA). Prospectus or simplified prospectus should always be consulted prior to investing.
Past performance is no guarantee for future returns.

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