Intervalor celebrates 30 years

Much has happened since 1992 when our founder and current CEO Anders Bladh started Intervalor. 
Here are his words about how it all came about. 

The first ten years of Intervalor’s existence, everything was about returns.
The following ten years were about risk and return, 
the ten after that have been about risk, return and sustainability.
So excited to see what will be next!


The background

"In 1992, Sweden was already international but because of the currency regulation in the Nordics we didn’t know much about international investments,” Anders says. ”At the same time there was a well-developed asset management industry abroad that didn’t know the Nordics either. I wanted to help these two worlds come closer to each other and saw two ways of doing so.”

One way was to set up a business providing advice to investors, something companies like Mercer do.
The other way was to sell a service to global managers and be their local partner, a  rep office for hire.

A win-win-win business 

The business ethos of Intervalor has always been that everyone has to benefit from the partnership, a true
win-win-win. That was the case here.

Investors had someone local like us to discuss with  

The managers quickly got local representation with deep knowledge of the market.

And Intervalor was the third winner, creating a viable, profitable business 

Defining the service

A “rep office for hire” involves more than marketing it is really about supporting asset managers all the way. This can involve reviewing the manager’s entire product offering and advice on the best possible fit for the Nordic market. It is also about advising the managers on what is needed to suceed. "A long-term view is crucial. We don’t deal with anyone that doesn’t have at least a five-year time horizon from the beginning" Anders says, and the second most important thing is to have enough resources. The Nordics is a highly prefessional competitive markets you have to be serious about your efforts. 

What is next? 

Turning 30 doesn’t mean Intervalor doesn’t have growth ambitions. "Our manager base is dominated by long-only equity specialists and alongside more fixed income managers, plans are to also add some niche and thematic products. This is the kind of space where we’re looking for more funds, especially SFDR article 9 funds.” he says.

As for hiring people, things won’t be done at a rapid pace, but there are definite plans in place.  "I expect us to hire two more senior people in Sweden, in client facing roles. We are also on the lookout for a person to look after Iceland, preferrably a local" Anders says, and he adds, "Intervalor has never been more dynamic and despite us celebrating 30 years, I feel like we are only getting started"

Meet the Intervalor Team 

Meet our Asset Managers 





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