Lennart Låftman

Member of the Board. Chairman 1999-april 2020.

Lennart Låftman was the Managing Director of Femte AP-fonden  (sub division of the National Pension System) until 1998. He has also been CEO of Affärsvärlden, a co-founder of Consensus Group and Assistant Professor in Industrial Economy at the Linköping Institute of Technology, as well as a financial journalist. 

Today, Lennart is the Chairman of Data Center Invest Holding Sweden AB and EOJ1933 AB. Furthermore, he is a member of the Board of  Byggnads AB S:t Erik, RFSU and Telge Energi.

Lennart is a graduate from the Stockholm School of Economics, (Handelshögskolan in Stockholm) majoring in Finance.

Lennart Låftman


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