Sustainability policy

Intervalor Sustainability Guidelines, February 2023

Intervalor has formulated these written guidelines to govern our daily business. For the sake of clarity, we have divided our guidelines into different sections, which in many ways may interact, and our focus is on those of the UN's 17 sustainability goals that we feel we can directly influence in everyday life, notably number 3. Good health and well-being, 5. Gender equality, 8. Decent work and economic growth, and 12. Responsible Consumption and Production.

Financial responsibility

Financial responsibility involves measures to comply with current legislation and to secure the company's financial position. For Intervalor, this means that the company always has a wellestablished liquidity buffer, that the financial resources are managed in such a way that the company's future is secured in the best possible way, and that the company lives up to the owners’ return requirements. We thereby take responsibility towards owners, employees, clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

Environmental responsibility

Environmental responsibility means that the company's operations are conducted in such a way that the earth and its natural resources are not adversely affected over time. As a service company, we can mainly contribute by carefully considering measures in terms of energy consumption, waste management and travelling. We strive to reduce the environmental impact by encouraging separate collection and recycling of materials where possible, and by generally encouraging the economical use of stationary and avoiding disposable materials. We limit the number of trips and encourage digital meetings whenever possible. We encourage the use of public transportation, alternatively cycling or walking to and from work as well as to local meetings. We also strive to limit the use of vehicles using fossil fuels, for example by using bicycle delivery firms in the immediate area.

Social responsibility

Running a company responsibly means, among other things, that we consider everyone's health and well-being regardless of whether they are employees, suppliers, clients or otherwise affected by the company. The biggest impact Intervalor can have as a partner to international asset managers, is to consistently evaluate their sustainability policies and actively choose to only work with managers who live up to established practices in the field of sustainability. We have an established selection process that reflects these aspects and managers are also evaluated annually. We encourage our asset managers to join UN PRI and to integrate sustainability aspects into their investment process, as well as clearly articulating how this is done. We also encourage participating in seminars and other educational formats, preferably together with representatives from other industries for "best practice".

Social responsibility towards employees

Social aspects relate to issues such as health, work environment, safety, diversity, and equality. We strive for equality and diversity as we believe that a heterogeneous workplace is more innovative and less risk prone. Satisfied and committed employees contribute to the company's development and profitability and we strive for open communication with all employees. Our goal is for all employees to feel that they can influence the company as well as their own work and personal development, and that they feel involved in the company's success. We do not accept any form of discrimination, exclusion or other treatment that may affect the well-being of our employees. We want to be a good employer that meets the different needs of employees and enables a balance between working life and leisure. We support physical activity through wellness grants and provide equipment to enable teleworking when needed. When recruiting, we base ourselves on competence, potential and motivation.

Formal memberships

Intervalor is a member of PRI - Principles for Responsible Investing - and we report annually. Intervalor continuously evaluates relevant organisations promoting sustainability in the Nordic region for possible membership, such as Swesif, Dansif, Finsif and Norsif.

Revision of guidelines

These guidelines have been approved by Intervalor’s Board of Directors and are subject to annual reviews.
Stockholm, February 2023

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