BLI announces changes to the fund manager teams of BL Global Horizon and BL Global Equities


To enable Joël Reuland to focus on the management of the mixed profiled funds (BL Global 30, BL Global 50 and BL Global 75), the following changes will take place:

BL Sustainable Horizon

From 1 January 2022, Annick Drui, who has co-managed BL Sustainable Horizon since the beginning of 2021 alongside the fund's historical manager, Joël Reuland, will become the fund’s lead manager.
Joël will continue in the investment team as co-manager.

Annick has a degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Lausanne and is a Certified ESG Analyst (CESGA).

After starting at BLI in 2017 as an intern, when she participated in BLI’s first steps in the field of sustainable and responsible investment, Annick joined the SRI Strategists’ team in March 2020. In this role, she actively contributed to strengthening the SRI equity investment policy and to the establishment of an active engagement policy.

Since she became co-manager of BL Sustainable Horizon, Annick has focused strongly on developing her financial and SRI analysis expertise to identify investment candidates, mainly for the fund’s thematic pocket which specifically targets companies whose business model is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Video: presentation of BL Sustainable Horizon fund

BL Global Equities
On 1 January 2022, Joël Reuland will step down as lead fund manager of BL Global Equities and will be replaced by Maxime Hoss.

Maxime has been at BLI since 2013 as a fund selector and fund of funds manager. Maxime also has previous experience in direct-line fund management, proven expertise in asset allocation, and an excellent command of BLI's Business-Like Investing methodology.

Like Joël Reuland before him, Maxime will benefit from the support and expertise of our specialised equity fund managers for the analysis of individual companies:

He will also work closely with Guy Wagner, fund manager of BL Global Flexible EUR and CIO of BLI.

The fund's investment principles will continue unchanged as it pursues the selection of quality companies with strong and sustainable competitive advantages, robust cash flow generation and profitable growth prospects. There will nevertheless be a greater emphasis on quality growth stocks.
In line with the principles of Business-Like Investing, controlling volatility and reducing downside risk will remain central to the investment approach.





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