Manager activities

Our mission is to market our managers’ funds and discretionary mandates in the Nordic countries, and to inform and provide service to investors.  As part of our service, we...

  • regularly organise seminars and presentations in the local markets
  • arrange visits to the managers' offices in their respective domicile
  • encourage our managers to  participate in relevant external events in the Nordics

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, meetings are currently held as video conferences.  Call your local intervalor contact or email intervalor-(_sm3Remove)-_-(_a)-_intervalor-(d_)-_com for more information and registration.

Important information for Swedish investors
about RBC Global Asset Management's funds.

Due to lacking transitional post-Brexit rules in Sweden compared to the rest of the Nordic region,  RBC Global Asset Management's funds are currently not available to Swedish investors with whom we did not have contact about these funds before 31 December 2020.  We are happy to provide more detailed information if you contact us at + 46 8 6608040 or email us at Intervalor-(_sm3Remove)-_-(_a)-_intervalor-(d_)-_com

Dates for client presentations and webinars, Q2 2021


28 April, BLI - Banque de Luxembourg Investments

BL-American Small and Mid Caps updates
Henric Blohm, Fund Manager

6-7 May, RBC Global Asset Management

Global Equity Focus and VGH - Q1 updates
Jeremy Richardson, Senior Investment Manager

18 May, RBC Global Asset Management

Global Emerging Markets - Q1 updates
Véronique Erb, Senior Investment Manager and Dijana Jelic, Product Specialist

2 June, TCM - Trustus Capital Management

Frontier Markets update and outlook
Wytze Riemersma,CIO